Developing the Next Generation of Servant Leaders

  My child was struggling in school. Her motivation was gone and she resisted going to school every morning. She was becoming depressed and his teacher had no idea how to deal with the situation. After attending The Ngambika Academy, during spring break, my daughter met some other students from her school.  Now as a Scholar, her mentor and team of Scholars now tutor middle school students. She comes home excited to tell me not only about her grades, but those of her tutee.  She is happier overall. Thank you for saving my daughter!
                          - Bill J.


Doing homework was always a struggle in our home. My daughter refused to do any homework and it was taking its toll on her grades and the peace in our home. We were very frustrated. A friend suggested finding her a mentor. Finding a mentor that had been trained with The Ngambika Academy curriculum was the best find ever.  There are a lot of mentoring programs that do great things for youth, but those that either have been trained or hosts Ngambika academies, seem to connect with children of all ages in a way that lights a fire in them to be more than just good students, but also good citizens and leaders. I love now seeing that fire in my daughter and so proud to see the change in her.  She now asks me to serve at our local senior center when she goes with her mentor on Saturday mornings.

          We as a family are all changed!                                              - Mary L.


I always thought that mentoring was just about giving your time to help a child in need.  When one of my co-workers shared that he was participating in a two day institute to train to become a mentor with the Ngambika Academy, I asked if I might be able to attend with him after reading some of the information about the curriculum. I am glad I did. I was shocked about how much I learned about myself and what things I had to offer other than just my time. I was excited that it was so interactive, I felt like I had a real chance to learn from others on my team.  I had never even thought of service being a way to encourage children to become better students, but also never saw the community as a place filled with so many untapped resources that could be allies for our kids to feel really connected to many caring adults in their very own communities.  I could hardly wait to work with my institute team members to organize our first academy.  Now we have hosted 3 and recruited 16 more mentors.  I am not sure who is changing more, me or my Scholars. 

- Megan W.