“MY Son loves being a ngambika scholar!”

We love you, Ngambika Academy.  My son can be stubborn at times, but his mentor got him engaged in learning and the Mi Casa project really made him feel like he's making a difference in his community.  We don't walk pass a single piece of paper on the ground that he doesn't make sure to pick up.  Thank you!


                                                                                 -Lisa M.

The Ngambika Academy will allow youth (to be referred to as Scholars) the opportunity to learn from one another by participating in two day and/or week long interactive workshops, team-building exercises, and other activities. 
The Ngambika Academy curriculum is presented as 2 day institute.  During the institute, participants will work in cooperative teams to complete an array of the activities from the Ngambika curriculum. 
The mission of the Ngambika Academy is to encourage our youth to interact in a diverse environment made up of other youth, adult volunteers and local community members.   

The Scholar Approach

Train the trainer

Our Mission

Ngambika– pronounced nam-bee-kah, a Kiswahili word, meaning ‘help me carry the load’

                                                                        Developing the Next Generation of Servant Leaders